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As board games, the Oikos Game Series is a great tool to help players, especially children and teens, learn personal development and social skills while having fun. Through active play, individuals can directly or indirectly learn positive strategies to handle common emotional situations relating to anger, aggression, fear, and conflict (such as dealing with bullies).


While playing these educational, family board games, players also acquire knowledge and are exposed to the following topics: goal setting, communications skills, persistence, self-esteem, self-discipline, good manners, helping others, dealing with strangers, and much more.


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People especially children learn by rewards and consequences, repetition, and play. The Oikos Game Series  involves various emotional and interpersonal situations that portray events, episodes, or behaviors that can happen in real life. In a way, such situations expose players to virtual life experiences.


In these board games, the positive behavior is reinforced while inappropriate behavior is not. Through repetition, these situations are committed to memory. When a similar situation arises in the future, players can be guided with the appropriate response.


Family and players' interaction also strengthens learning during the game. Through lively participation and dynamic interchange, children, teens, and adults can be excited as they gain valuable life skills.


Let players have fun as they enter the world of emotional intelligence. Through play, laughter, and family interaction, they can enjoy the challenge of personal and social skills development.



Oikos Game 1

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